Sunday, February 21, 2010

why would high achievement lead Mr. Raju to commit these crims?

Mr. Raju, the creator of Satyam, was condemned because he committed fraud in his company. Why did he act like that? Because he had a high need for power and a high achievement. Those two factors lead to many actions that are not always very fair. For instance, a person who has a high achievement wants to succeed in his work without doing many efforts. But he wants to succeed in what he has started. If this person also has a high need for power, he will be able to do anything to manage.
I think that Mr. Raju has both a need for power and for achievement, because he behaved as if he did not care about the wellness of his company: he did things that could have made his company fail. He wanted short-terms results instead of working hard to get long-terms results. The long-terms results are harder to get, but they are often more honest. They also have more benefits for the personal satisfaction: you have made your duty fairly. Otherwise if you rely on short-term results, you may have to use bad ways to succeed in getting them, and you are not very proud of yourself.
Therefore, Mr. Raju behaved following his needs for power and for achievement.

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