Sunday, February 28, 2010

Chpater 9

Chapter 9 talked a bit about goals and motivation like in chapter 8, but went more in depth and talked about positive reinforcement. Being able to work in a friendly/ family environment give an employee excellent motivation to do well for the company. The book said if the company takes care of the employee, then the employee is going to take care of the company which is very true. I believe that it helps employees be more productive when having that trust with their company.Chapter 9 also talked about positive and negative reinforcement. Everyone has a different way of doing well, and sometimes if you give negative reinforcement to a person who needs a positive way of doing better it’s only going to weaken his or hers performance, especially at a young age. This article talked about coaches singling out a player and other teammates also do the same to the same kid, but the kid who’s getting singled out is more often worried what his peers think rather than the coach. The father then helps the son by using the negative feedback and turning it around to make the kid feel better about himself and to use the feedback to make himself work harder.


  1. I agree with how different people are motivated by different reinforcements. Not everyone benefits from positive reinforcements and vice versa. I think it's helpful to have both.

  2. I agree that commitment and motivation is greatly increased when a company provides for its employees. Employee's truly will take care of their company if they receive strong benefits, if they are engaged and included in achieving the company's vision, and if they are treated as assets.