Thursday, February 25, 2010

Foundation of motivation

In chapter 8 it talked about motivation and one part that I really connected was the goal setting portion of the chapter. Setting a goal is a great motivator, its steers you in the right direction and you don’t lose focus on it. I do believe that you have to be specific and have a slight challenge with your goal or else you’ll find a way to be lazy or cheat. It’s always good to tell someone your goal because then they can give you feedback if you’re on track or procrastinating. It’s also always good to check back and see how you’re doing yourself by keeping a mental note or writing down what you accomplished as each week goes by. Being committed to your goal is also important, can’t lose focus or else you’re going to have the habit of setting a goal and forgetting it after a while.

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  1. Taking the time to set goals for yourself can sometimes be a lengthy process, but in the end is definitely worth it. Setting a goal gives you a step by step process so you become closer to achieving the end result, one step at a time. The fact the setting goals is a personal choice, also motivates completion as well as above adequate performance.